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Why source from China?

Lower costs. In an increasingly competitive and transparent marketplace, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to manage costs in their supply chain as efficiently as possible. China is the world's leading manufacturer and exporter of goods. As a developing nation with a lower cost of living and therefore lower labour costs, it is significantly cheaper to manufacture goods in China than in developed countries. Western buyers can typically expect to save a minimum of 25% when compared against a UK source dependent upon a number of factors.

High quality. Compared with other developing countries the level of manufacturing technology and skill in China is relatively high. This combined with a strong work ethic in Chinese culture makes it possible to get world class products manufactured. Due to cultural and linguistic differences, it is essential to work with people who understand this and can bridge the gap to exercise a high level of control over manufacturing processes to ensure that products are made to the right quality. This is precisely where jinlogic can help and add value to your supply chain.