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Petrochemical industry: Hudson HEI Pty Limited (Australia)

Scope of work: to source a China manufacturer for the galvanised structural components for air cooled fin fan heat exchangers from China; typical project size 1,500 metric tons.

Jinlogic completely immersed itself in every detail of this project before undertaking a thorough investigation of structural steel fabricators and galvanisers in China before choosing five with the capabilities and track record that most closely matched Hudson’s requirements. As with most companies, Hudson wanted to source from China at more competitive prices but quality, specification and reliability were naturally paramount.

Jinlogic organised a one week tour of the short-listed factories for Hudson. Advice and translational services were also provided during Hudson’s visit, negotiations and subsequent communication with the fabricators.

In October 2005, jinlogic assisted Hudson in successfully negotiating a deal with one of the fabricators and galvanisers for the air cooled heat exchanger portion of the 10 billion USD LNG (liquefied natural gas) processing facility Woodside Train 5, in Australia.

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